Merck Millipore

Reagent Lab Chemicals & Lab ware, Analytics & Sample Preparation, Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Industrial Microbiology, Life science research & Water purification.

One Lambda Inc.

HLA antibody screening and DNA typing reagents and antibodies

Life Technologies

Our products are designed to improve the quality, reliability, and speed of transplant diagnostics. For bone marrow and organ transplant research, our kits provide high to low-resolution analysis coupled with sophisticated software to aid in the interpretation of results. SeCore® SBT Kits reduce ambiguities in sequence analysis for clinical and registry labs.

HLA Transplant Diagnostics Products
Our products for HLA typing and transplant diagnostics.

    • SeCore® Kits for HLA Sequence-Based Typing
    • AllSet+™ Gold SSP HLA Typing Kits
    • SSP UniTray® HLA Typing Kits


ANALYTICAL / CHROMATOGRAPHY, Analytical Standards, Gas Chromatography, HPLC & UHPLC LPLC, TLC & Paper Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Sample Prep & Purification, Titration & Karl Fischer CHEMISTRY, Acids & Bases, Catalysis & Inorganics, Chemical Synthesis, Heterocyclic Building Blocks Organic Building Blocks, Organometallics, Salts Solvents, Stable Isotopes, LIFE SCIENCE -Antibodies Biochemicals & Reagents, Biological Buffers, Cell Biology, Cell Culture, Enzymes, Inhibitors & Substrates Histology & Hematology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, PCR & Amplification, RNAi, CRISPR, ZFNs Synthetic Biology, MATERIALS SCIENCE »Organic & Printed Electronics, Metal & Ceramic Science Micro/Nano Electronics, Polymer Science

Schott Duran

Laboratory glass bottles, Caps & Accessories for laboratory glass bottles
Boiling flasks and general laboratory glassware, Desiccators Glassware for microbiology Volumetric glassware, Glass filtration apparatus and accessories, Interchangeable glassware

Kern-Sohn Germany

Laboratory Balances, Industrial Scales, Medical Scales, Test Weights, Measuring Instruments, Optical Instruments


Blood Banking, Cold Storage, Centrifugation, Climatic and Growth Chambers Heating & Dry Heat Sterilization, Incubation Laminar Flow & Safety Cabinets Medical Refrigerators, Steam Sterilization, Water Baths, Water Distillers


Soltec is an Italian company, manufacturing Ultrasonic Water baths.

Grant Instruments

Water baths, Heated circulating baths, Heated circulators, Shaking & boiling baths, Ultrasonic baths, Dry block heaters, Dry block thermostats, Centrifuges, Chillers and coolers, Rotators & rockers, Shakers, mixers & stirrers, Thermo-shakers, Densitometers, Shaker incubators, UV cabinets, Data acquisition, DataTaker loggers

Cayman USA



Infrared Thermometers, Probe Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Bi Metal Thermometers, Hygrometers, FlashCheck TCT, FlashCheck Ruggy
FlashLink Mini Multi-Use, FlashLink PDF Multi-Use, FlashLink Electronic,High Temp Loggers, USB Reusable, Electronic In-Transit Chart Recorder, Digital LCD Chart Recorder, Electronic Circular Temperature Chart Recorder, Temperature / Humidity Circular Chart Recorder, ColdTrak Data Central, ColdTrak Tag-it, ColdTrak Connect, FlashRF Data Central, FlashRF Manager, USB In-Transit, FreezeCheck Temp Indicator, ColdMark Temp Indicator, WarmMark Time-Temp Indicator, High Temperature Labels.

Hardy Diagnostics

Molecular biology, Electrophoresis Gels & Buffers, Molecular Grade Water, E. coli Competent Cells, Yeast Growth Media, Bacterial Growth Media, PlasmidGro™ Growth Medium, Rapid Tests & Reagents, Parasitology Products, Microbiologics® Control Organisms, TB MODS Kit, StrepB Carrot Broth™, Susceptibility Testing, HardyCHROM™ Carbapenemase, TransPRO™ Transport System, Introducing AnaeroGRO™, HardyCHROM™ MRSA, KOH 10% for Ringworm ID, Bovine Blood Agar, Derm-Duet™ II, Bovine Mastitis Laboratory, USP Compliant Quality Control, HardyVal™ Microbial Contamination Testing for CSPs, EZ-Accu Shot™, Dilu-Lok Dilution Vials, many more…


Small Animal Health, Equine Health, Livestock and Poultry Diagnostics, Dairy Testing, Water Testing Solutions

Electron Microscopy Sciences

The most comprehensive source for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology supplies, chemicals, and equipment.


Portable Water Testing Kit

Nabertherm GmbH

Muffle/Preheating/Ashing Furnaces and Accessories, Assay Furnaces up to 1300 °C, Annealing, Hardening and Brazing Furnaces with Accessories
Chamber Furnaces with Brick Insulation or Fiber Insulation up to 1400 °C
High-Temperature Furnaces/Sintering Furnaces, Ovens and Air Circulation Furnaces, Clean Room Solutions, Tube Furnaces and Accessories, Melting Furnaces up to 1500 °C, Fast-Firing Furnaces up to 1300 °C, Gradient or Lab Strand Annealing Furnaces up to 1300 °C, Retort Furnaces Catalytic and Thermal Afterburning Systems, Exhaust Gas Washer

Hanon Instruments Co., Ltd


HPLC/GC Columns, HPLC/GC Vials, Samples Vials, PTFE Syringe Filters, PVDF Syringe Filters, Nylon Syringe Filter, Mixed Cellulose Syringe Filter, Capper & De-cappers, Storage vial racks.

Delta Lab Spain

Swab, collection and transport system of microbiological samples, Calibrated inoculating loops, Micro tubes for PCR, Filter tips, Serological pipettes, DNA free swabs for genetic research, Urine container bottle for vacuum tube, CRYOINSTANT: Porous beads for microbiological culture preservation

Scientific Industries Inc.

Vortex Mixer, Large Capacity Shaker, Orbital Shaker, Magnetic Stirrer, Refrigerated Incubator, Shaking Incubator, Pulsing Vortex Mixer

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