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Analytical Standards

Chemical standards & certified reference materials for various applications. Convenient search tool

AllType™️ FASTplex™️ NGS

One multiplex PCR reaction per sample. Early sample pooling. Total hands-on time <90 minutes.

Flow Cytometry & Imaging.

A comprehensive range of innovative flow cytometers to advance your discovery.

Flow Cytometry Solutions

What’s Next
Generation Flow™?

Next Generation Flow™ (NGF) is based on the standardization of every step of the process from sample preparation to expert-guided automated reporting.

Cytognos, in collaboration with EuroFlow™, offers a complete and scientific-based solution to cover all the needs of a clinical laboratory, including the support of
our highly specialized technical team:

  • Setting up and technical implementation of the EuroFlow™ SOPs.
  • Staining of samples using the NGF product line.
  • Acquisition of samples in compatible cytometers (e.g. Omnicyt™).
  • Automated data analysis and reporting using Infinicyt™.

Next Generation Flow™ has emerged in recent years as a solution to overcome the limitations of 1st generation (conventional) flow cytometry and also, as a complement to genetic and imaging methodologies.


Looking at COVID-19 Antibodies Through a Better Lens


  • Comprehensive SARS-CoV-2 specific multiplex antibody detection panel
  • Luminex xMAP based assay optimized for the LABScan 200 and LABScan 3D


  • Screen transplant candidates for past COVID-19 infection and resulting changes to HLA antibody profiles
  • Proactively manage transplant recipients based on comprehensive HLA and COVID antibody profile panel
  • Batch with LABScreen HLA assays to detect COVID-19 and HLA antibodies in a single run

LABScan3D™️ Multiplex Analyzer

support for high and low through-put laboratories.

Molecular Typing

Next Generation Sequencing:
AllType™️ NGS: High resolution genotyping of Class I and Class II loci in a single multiplex reaction.

Real-Time PCR Typing:
LinkSēq™️ : The LinkSēq line of Real-Time PCR products offers rapid genotyping of HLA, KIR, RBC, ABO, and HPA with a simple workflow.

Reverse Sequence-Specific Oligonucleotide Typing:
LABType™️: Using Luminex xMAP technology and rSSO technology, high throughput DNA typing is achieved.

Sequence-Specific Primer Typing:
Micro SSP™️: Amplify genomic DNA using SSP to determine HLA Class I and Class II alleles.

Sequence-Based Typing:
SeCore™️ : High Resolution typing of HLA alelles using SBT technique.

Antibody Detection

Using Luminex® xMAP® technology, our selection of LABScreen reagents provide several assays for determining percent PRA; identifying antibodies against both Class I and Class II antigens, MICA, and HNA; and allowing for expanded antibody coverage with ExPlex.

Driven by Luminex® xMap® platform, C1qScreen provides laboratories a reliable tool for distinguishing between complement binding and non-complement binding antibodies.

LABScreen™ Single Antigen
LABScreen Single Antigen is designed to screen HLA class I and class II antibodies that are reactive to one or more dominant epitopes providing clinicians a comprehensive…

LABScreen™ Mixed
LABScreen Mixed is a screening test for detecting antibodies against HLA Class I and Class II in addition to MHC Class I related chain A (MICA), another factor shown to cause…

Non-HLA Antibody Detecting Solutions

One Lambda proudly offers an answer for all of your antibody detection needs including non-HLA antibodies. Our selection of assays varies in format and coverage from single plex ELISA AT1R and ETAR assays to multiplex solid-phase assays covering a broad range of targets including vimentin, tubulin, and many others. All products are designed for ease of use, lab efficiency and optimized for automation.

LABScreen™ Autoantibody
LABScreen Autoantibody assays detect a wide array of biomarker including tubulin and perlecan antibodies following a familiar workflow and analysis algorithm.

Anti-AT1R and anti-ETAR assays detect biomarker antibodies that form against angiotensin II type 1 receptors (AT1R) and endothelin receptors type A (ETAR).

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